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Maternity Clothing Sizes 0

Everything is changing, growing, stretching… and so are your clothes!

Maternity clothing designers try to make it easier for you to find what will fit by sticking with your pre-pregnancy sizes and numbers. When shopping for maternity clothes, look for the sizes you wore before you were pregnant.

If you wore Medium-sized shirts before pregnancy you’ll want to shop for medium-sized maternity clothes. Same goes for numbered sizes; size 12 pre-pregnancy? Look for size 12 in pregnancy clothing. If you come across jeans that are labelled by waist size, (such as 34”) shop for your pre-pregnancy waist size. True, your waist probably is no longer the same size as before but the clothing designers have taken that into account.

Always remember, your clothing size doesn’t define you. Before, during or after pregnancy; love yourself, love how strong you are.

  • Rachelle Anchikoski