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All About Maternity Consignment

everything you need to know about consignment

Nest & Sprout Maternity is excited to offer maternity consignment in Prince George, BC. And this new program is not just consignment for Northern BC, but consignment for parents across Canada. You can now shop for essential maternity pieces from both our new and gently used selection.

As an online maternity retailer, we will be supporting our online consignment for all interested parents, whether you're local to me, or across the country. Just check out our guidelines and see if your maternity, postpartum, or nursing clothes are the right fit for our selection.

Have clothes too consign? We currently offer local pick up for parents wanting to put clothes up for consignment. 

    Maternity Consignment in Prince George, BC

    Expanding to offer consignment is an important decision for Nest & Sprout Maternity. One of our values is to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible through the brands we source and the types of products we bring in.

    But, as you might know, sustainable fashion is not just about providing new sustainable clothing brands like Cadenshae, but also encouraging and supporting a sustainable life cycle of clothes. By offering consignment, we can help extend the life cycle of clothing that has already been produced by reuniting it with new parents across Canada. It is incredibly exciting to be an online maternity consignment store in Canada.

    As a Northern BC mom, I know how hard it is to find maternity clothing, to find nursing clothes, and find clothes that fit and function from pregnancy through postpartum. Expanding to an consignment store that serves Prince George, BC and other parents in rural and urban settings across Canada, I hope to connect you with gently used clothes that empower you to feel beautiful and comfortable during this transformative time of your life. 

    Learn more about what we consign, how we do, and more here. Currently, only offer local pick up of clothing for consignment.

    Why Consign Your Maternity Clothes 

    For us, consignment stores feel like a big-city luxury. They are very few consignment stores in Northern BC.  Which is why this step into maternity consignment is very exciting, and we can’t wait to offer gently used clothing to new parents in Prince George, Northern BC, and Canada.


    Consignment shops operate in a way where you send us clothing and we will put it up for sale. When your product sells, you will receive a portion of the sale price – the commission. To learn more about how our model works, visit our Consign with Us Page. 


    The question on everyone’s mind might be – well, I could just sell them myself on Facebook Marketplace or maybe just donate them down the road to the thrift shop.  And those are totally valid choices, but we also recognize that consignment has a lot of benefits.

    5 Reasons to Consider Consignment 

    • Skip The Trash, Save the Landfills
    • Earn Cash Without the Drama
    • Help Others Access Maternity Clothes
    • Support Your Local Maternity Store
    • Support Sustainable Fashion Cycle

    Skip the Trash

    Did you know that some suggest that as much as 95% of clothes are thrown out with domestic waste? Without even considering that someone else might love to wear it again. And those pieces of clothing end up in our landfills or incinerators, and amplify pollution concerns including greenhouse gas emissions and landfill oversaturation. 

    We can do better. 

    Help us reduce our impact on the environment, and send your maternity clothes to Nest & Sprout Maternity, Prince George’s online maternity boutique to help connect families with clothing that can be loved again, and again.

    Earn the Cash Without the Drama

    Selling your used clothes is so incredibly easy right now, but it’s also a huge pain. I’m sure we’ve all dealt with the constant back and forth negotiations, failed pick-ups, and clothes that just never sell. Skip all that drama and sell your clothes on consignment with Nest & Sprout Maternity.


    We’ll take the headache out listing your maternity clothes, arranging payment, and delivery. Seriously, and when your clothes sell, we’ll send you a portion of the sales back in cash for you to spend on whatever you want. 

    Maybe you’ve tried to sell before, but you never did find that parent who had the same size and taste as you. We’re only pregnant for a short period of time, and consignment of maternity and breastfeeding clothes can be a fantastic way to better connect with parents. 

    Now you don’t have to wait and remember where that pile of clothes is stored - we’ll do that all for you and you’re closets will be ready for a fresh selection of clothes that fit your current lifestyle

    Help Others Access Maternity Clothes

    Not every community has a thrift store. Not every thrift store has a collection of maternity clothes. Our online consignment store serves Northern BC, and parents across Canada with a selection of quality second-hand clothing at a reduced cost. 


    Now even more parents have access to clothes that fit and function for their changing bodies. You choose to consign with us, supporting the accessibility of maternity, postpartum, and nursing clothes. We think that’s pretty rad, and a much-needed opportunity.

    Support Your Local Maternity Store

    When you choose to send your clothes to Nest & Sprout for consignment, you support a local Prince George business. This allows Nest & Sprout Maternity to grow and sustain our operations.


    Growth is awesome because it means maybe one day I can hire staff, open a permanent physical location, bring in more sustainable brands, and continue to give back to the community. 

    And Nest & Sprout Maternity is here to support you. We want to make sure that this program works for sellers and buyers. We’re here to help smooth over the process of buying and selling used clothing to ensure that everyone is happy, supported, and feeling beautiful. 

    Support Sustainable Fashion Cycle

    This is a big topic and we briefly covered it earlier. One reason we feel that consignment is a better choice than donating your clothes to a thrift store is because we are dedicated to ensuring that your clothes can be connected with a new family.

    Thrift stores across Canada have been inundated with donations and the response to this can look very different. Excess donations may be warehoused without being processed meaning that your good quality maternity clothes are hidden away until they resurface one day --- or maybe they are blindly repackaged and disposed of or exported.


    When you donate, not everything makes its way back into the hands of a new family. Many thrift stores are overwhelmed with donations, and it is estimated that in the United States over 700,000 tons of used clothing is exported to other countries every year. While Canadians estimate at exporting over 130 million dollars worth of used clothing every year.


    Many new parents don’t even consider shopping for gently used maternity clothes because the selection at thrift stores is too sparse, their size rarely comes on Facebook Marketplace, or they don’t have the time to sift and wait for things. We hope that by offering a mix of new and used clothes, that we can support more families to develop sustainable wardrobe for their maternity and post-partum period.


    Choosing consignment is one way that you can choose to reduce the impact of the fashion cycle and ensure that your clothes are matched with a family who will feel just as comfortable and beautiful as you did.  

    Thinking of Donating Instead?

    Donations are another way to support the community in accessing clothing. Please consider donating when that is a better fit for your family and clothing.


    This spring 2021, we’ll be hosting a clothing drive for Baby’s New Beginnings in Prince George. We choose to donate to Baby’s New Beginnings because they provide maternity clothing to parents for free. This is a phenomenal program in Prince George run by the Elizabeth Fry Society at South Fort George Community Resource Center that provides a wide array of services and programs.


    Subscribe to our newsletter or hit that follow button on social media to learn when and where the clothing drive will commence for 2021.

    5 Reasons to Buy On Conisgnment

    Buying consignment is such an easy decision when you’re building your maternity wardrobe; you’re really looking for those essential must-have pieces that connect with your style and your family budget.


    We thoroughly check all of our gently used clothing to ensure that you are receiving clothes that you can feel good wearing. Be proud of your new-to-you clothes because you supported sustainable fashion, saved money, and did it all from the comfort of your home.

    5 Reasons to Buy Consignment 

    •  Save money on your maternity wardrobe with consignment
    • Access to gently used clothing for a short period of time
    •  Support slow fashion, and reduce the demand on fast fashion
    • Find amazing pieces from previous seasons that fit your personal style
    • Easy online shopping experience

     Save money on your maternity wardrobe with consignment

    New maternity clothes are expensive, and there are many amazing ways to build a maternity wardrobe on a budget. One of those ways is to buy consignment. Clothes on consignment are often offered at a portion of their new price. 


    Bonus: when you buy used consignment clothing, the parent who owned that product before you get a portion of the sale. This might help them update their wardrobe, buy food that month, or give some fun cash to spend on a treat. And that makes us smile.

    Access to gently used clothing for a short period of time

    A big stress about buying maternity or breastfeeding clothes is that you’re only going to use them for a few months. We hear you about that frustration and fear. Some parents only wear an outfit once. Some wear it for the rest of your lives, and you don’t know who you will be until you get there.

    Buying gently used clothing can help take the sting out of that conundrum. 

    And when you’re done, we’d love to help you reunite and connect it with another family who also needs clothing for a short period of time. Think of our consignment store as the ultimate matchmaker of clothing. 

    Support slow fashion, and reduce the demand on fast fashion

    Are you eco-conscious? Do you find yourself consumed with the problems of fast fashion but trapped in the consumerism of capitalism? That sentence was loaded, but consignment is an easy way to support the slow fashion movement and reduce the demand on fast fashion.

    We try to bring in a selection of maternity and breastfeeding brands that have social justice rooted in their brand values and ethics. But these products come with a higher cost, and they aren’t always the best fit for families budgets and lifestyle. Consignment can help bridge the gap and connect families to a more eco-conscious way of shopping.

    Many families will be able to purchase more sustainable brands through consignment at a lower cost than new. Many families will be able to purchase speciality pieces at a more affordable cost to them through online maternity consignment. Consignment shopping is about giving you options that helps reduce your demand on new clothing.

    A few fast facts on the fashion industry

    Buy only what you need for your maternity wardrobe and consider second-hand or consignment maternity clothes to help reduce the environmental impact of your clothes. 

    Find amazing pieces from previous seasons that fit your personal style

    Do you ever open up the “new at the nest” section on our website and go “yuck, that’s so not my style, why is ABC idea in right now?” Lucky for you, that’s one way consignment supports parents is that we offer a wide selection of products that have been released through a variety of different seasons to help you find your style. 

    Easy online shopping experience

    Maybe it’s the pandemic, or maybe it’s motherhood, but many of us struggle to get into stores to shop and look for items that might fit and work for your body.

    Nest & Sprout Online Consignment will allow you to easily shop a wide selection of new and used maternity clothes, breastfeeding clothes, and postpartum essentials from the comfort of your couch. There’s no need to worry about your kids touching everything in the store, or trying to make it in before the store closes. We’re open 24/7 and you can start shopping today! 

    Everything is photographed and meticulously described to support you in finding pieces that work for you. That's the biggest perk of shopping with an online maternity consignment store in Canada.

    How to Consign at Nest & Sprout Maternity 

    e take the headache out of selling your maternity or breastfeeding clothes. When your clothes sell we send you 40% of the sales back in cash to you.  No drama, no more bartering with strangers and no more no-shows.

    We accept maternity and breastfeeding clothing that is washed, free of stains or defects, and ready for another parent. We do have a few things we don't consider, check out the full list here. 

    Why Consign Your Maternity Clothes 

    We know that finding consignment stores is difficult and we wanted to match with a few other incredible people offering second-hand clothing at consignment in the region. 


    ·      Baby & Kid Clothing, Mini Moose Consignment (Online Shop)

    ·      Women’s Consignment, Earth & Crown Consignment (Physical Shop)

    Don’t forget to check your local area. You might be surprised at the opportunities to consign clothing in your area. The rise of online consignment in Canada, from maternity retailers to kids clothing, is a great move that is supporting the shift in sustainable fashion.

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