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5 Reasons You Need To Try These Leggings

Have you been looking for a soft and stretchy legging made in Canada? Maybe you want something high waisted and that can take you from pregnancy to postpartum?

The answer is New Genes Lynx Legging, and here’s five reasons you need to try them: 

  • Four Way Super stretch for movement
  • Moisture-Wicking to stay dry and comfortable
  • Fully Belly Band to accommodate your growing belly
  • Designed for pregnancy and postpartum
  • Handmade in Canada

These leggings, this brand, this everything that Nest & Sprout is excited to support. I’ve had a fantastic relationship with the owner over the past few years and love supporting other local business owners like this Maple Ridge seamstress. 

Visit the brands website to learn more about New Genes Maternity Wear.

Four Way Stretch for Movement

Our bodies change a lot during pregnancy– that’s why when sourcing pants, I am looking for something that is comfortable and can easily change as you do.

The NEW GENES Lynx Legging is a blend of Spandex and Lycra that provides a four way stretch for movement. We encourage you to wear these to your next pregnancy yoga session or just to the park to chase toddlers and pick-up sippy cups. That Spandex Lycra blend is the perfect combo for any activity. 

Moisture Wicking Power

Is there anything worse than a legging that leaves you damp and uncomfortable? Not with the New Genes Lynx Legging  because the fabric features Go-Dry moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable. These leggings will carry through all the seasons with comfort and ease for all of your favourite activities. 

Full Belly Band

There are so many leggings with insufficient belly bands, and we know that you are looking for the best and biggest most comfortable maternity legging belly. The New Genes Lynx Legging does not disappoint offering a full high waist design that is squat proof.

The belly band can be worn open for full coverage or fold it down for extra support during pregnancy or in the post-partum support. Many parents love the little bit of compression in the soft stretchy spandex.

Want to see it in action? Check out the full belly coverage of these leggings as New Genes owner Aly in the legging at 6 months  

From Pregnancy to Postpartum

These leggings are not just for pregnancy; they are designed with the post-partum in mind to help you transition from the office to the playdate. New Genes brand philosophy is “a women’s body is changing but her lifestyle doesn’t have to” and that’s the magic of these leggings is that they will help you carry your baby for 9 months and give you the high-rise comfort you need in the fourth trimester.

And don’t forget to pack these leggings in your hospital bag because they will fit comfortably over that new belly and have low enough seams to protect a c-section incision (no unnecessary rubbing or irritation). Fold the band in half for a little extra support. 

Handmade in Vancouver

Aly is a mama and seamstress in Maple Ridge, BC, that handmakes these leggings with love and a humour. We are proud to support Canadian businesses like Aly because it means support local economies, ethically manufactured products, and a little extra love into every garment.

We have a lot of choices when it comes to providing you with the right support for your changing body, and we couldn’t be more excited to find leggings made in BC. 

Ready to give them a try?
Check out our selection:currently  available in Eggplant and Mint.

Not sure which size to purchase? Message us directly to see if the Checkout Box is the right fit for you. It’s an option to try different styles and sizes and return what didn’t work.  

How to care for your New Genes Leggings?

All New Genes garments are machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer on low, but for best results hang to dry.

We recommend washing the leggings inside out with cold water and similar colours. If you are concerned about fading, a phosphorate-free detergent will reduce long-term fade of the leggings.

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