Cloth Diapers + Accessories

Why cloth? Well, why not?

It may seem icky, weird, gross... what about the poop? I assure you that it may feel big and unknown, but it's actually quite easy.

At Nest + Sprout we chose to stock Lil Helpers Cloth Diapering products. A lot of research went into picking the right cloth products. This Canadian brand has the kind of values and morals we all can agree with, like sustainability, supporting families and just being general wholeheartedly kind humans.

Lil Helpers is a simple and easy system, when you buy a diaper it comes with everything you need. There is no fuss, no muss and no special washing routines. It's everything you want for your baby.

Rinse the solids out in the toilet and fire it in the wash. That's it. 

We've all the diapering gear and everything you need for your baby.

Have questions? don't know where to start? Message us, we would be more than happy to help you on your way to becoming a cloth diapering parent.

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