Hot Milk Lingerie

Let's level up your nursing bra collection with Hot Milk Lingerie to empower you with comfort, seduction, and quality nursing bra's to feel like the incredible super human you are. 

Hot Milk Lingerie joins Nest & Sprout Maternity with a line up of comfort, sexiness, and classic staples for your bra-stash - because, yes a bra stash. We've stocked a few of the must-haves, but if you can't find what you need, let us know. 


Designed by mothers, for mothers, Hotmilk is known for its provocative and powerful campaigns, stunning designs, comfort and practicality with a belief that all mothers deserve to look and feel amazing.

This New Zealand brand is revolutionizing motherhood, one bra at a time. They work with factories that abide by fair trade practices and work to ensure minimal waste during manufacturing. They work with charities around the world to support mother's and women in need. They use only the best in textiles to ensure your comfort and support. And they want you to know, that you got this. 

Why We Love Hot Milk Lingerie

Sourcing brands with strong social values and environmental responsibility is key to the future of Nest & Sprout Maternity. Hot Milk Lingerie nails that mark with their promise to reduce factory waste and manage their supply lines effectively.

We also fell in love with their marketing, their inclusion of bodies, and their size range offering a XXL nursing bra, and continued cup sizes to meet the bodies of mother's around the world.