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About Nest & Sprout

What We Do

Nest & Sprout offers a selection of maternity and breastfeeding-friendly clothing to moms of all shapes and sizes. We try and keep our footprint as small as possible by choosing Canadian suppliers whenever we can. 

Our goal is to provide you pieces that are functional and fit you from pregnancy through postpartum.

Where We Are

Nest & Sprout is a home-based business in Prince George, B.C.

We are on the hunt for a store front but until we find one that suits our needs we run pop-ups all throughout Prince George. Follow-us on Facebook to keep up on the latest and greatest news and where we will pop-up next.

Who We Are

Nest & Sprout is owned and operated by me, Rachelle Anchikoski.

I always thought that when I got pregnant I would feel beautiful and glowing, but with a lack of maternity and nursing clothes available to me I ended up feeling frumpy and uncomfortable. I just wanted good quality clothes that fit and felt good - this couldn’t ring any truer when I started breastfeeding. As I get used to my postpartum body and the ways it’s shifted having something great to wear is an essential. Even if it’s sweatpants and a t-shirt, I want soft fabrics, a little stretch, something washable and easy to wipe the milk/spit-up/poop off of!

Nest & Sprout is the store for mom, during or after pregnancy, I have the clothing and accessories to make mom life more comfortable. I firmly believe that every mom deserves to feel beautiful.

Enjoy shopping!