Hooray for Little Fingers!
Hooray for Little Fingers!

Tristan Mory

Hooray for Little Fingers!

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What can 5 little fingers do? Tickle, wiggle, dance-and much more!

A lively and irresistible board book: Hooray for Little Fingers! will take young readers on a journey towards learning to count and exploring just what their little fingers can do! With die-cut holes on every spread, one little finger can be an elephant's trunk, two little fingers can be a crab's claw. but who is peeking through one of the holes? The wriggly surprise at the end makes for a satisfying discovery.

• An interactive book that practices basic counting and encourages imaginative play
• Colorful designs and bright illustrations capture the attention of babies and toddlers
• Durable board book design is ideal for travel and just the right size for little hands

Interactive and completely enjoyable, Hooray for Little Fingers makes a great gift idea for baby showers and birthdays.
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